Follow-up BACE cohort

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Follow-up BACE cohort

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Back Complaints in the Elders (BACE); design of cohort studies in primary care: an international consortium


The aim of the national study is to assess the course of back complaints and identify prognostic factors for developing chronic back complaints in older people who visit a general practitioner (GP). The aims of the consortium are: to perform individual patient data meta-analyses, to validate prognostic models, to investigate the effects of cultural, economic and health system differences on the clinical course of back pain, and to investigate cross-cultural differences in the treatment of back complaints in older people.


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BACE is a prospective cohort study (one-year follow-up). Patients > 55 years who consult a GP with back complaints are included. Data are collected using questionnaires, physical examination and X-rays. The design and basic objective are the same across the studies of the different research groups joining the BACE consortium.

The BACE study in the Netherlands (BACE-D) started recruiting patients in 2009 and ended recruiting in September 2011. The Brazilian study (BACE-B) has been funded and is currently in preparation and starts recruitment of patients in May 2011. The Consortium aims to assist other international research groups in the use of this proposed protocol to allow further cross-cultural comparisons and increase statistical power by enabling meta-analyses using individual patient data.

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Case-cohort studie


Roxanne van den Berg, Wendelien van der Gaag


Pim Luijsterburg

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Wendy Enthoven, AIOTHO


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Physical Therapy Department, Federal University of Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte (Brazil), Department of Neurosurgery, Leiden University Medical Center, Leiden, (the Netherlands)