NIVEL Zorgregistraties eerste lijn

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NIVEL Zorgregistraties eerste lijn

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NIVEL Primary Care Database


betreft vragen over morbiditeit, zorggebruik en kwaliteit van zorg



Samenvatting van het onderzoek

NIVEL Primary Care Database (NIVEL Zorgregistraties eerste lijn) uses routinely recorded data from health care providers to monitor health and utilisation of health services in a representative sample of the Dutch population. 

The aim of NIVEL Primary Care Database is to do research on developments in health and the use of primary health services in the Netherlands.

NIVEL Primary Care Database answers questions like:

  • For what health problems do people seek medical treatment?
  • How do primary care facilities co-operate?
  • What kind of care do patients receive?
  • How can the health care system be improved?

NIVEL Primary Care Database collects data that is routinely recorded in the health care provider’s electronic health record system. This includes data on health problems and treatment.

Who participates in NIVEL Primary Care Database?

  • General practitioners
  • Physiotherapists
  • Exercise therapists
  • Dieticians
  • Primary care psychologists
  • GP out-of-hours services
  • Health centres

These data are combined and supplemented with information about pharmaceutical care and secondary level care collected by other organisations.

Health care providers who participate in NIVEL Primary Care Database receive periodic feedback reports that enable comparison with their peers. For an example of the feedback report (in Dutch), see:


NIVEL handles the data in accordance with the Dutch Data Protection Act. Researchers have no access to identifiable patient information, such as name, address or citizen service number. Research results cannot be traced back to individual persons, health care providers or health care organisations. Participating health care providers receive information material to display in their waiting room (poster and leaflets).

Participating health care providers may withdraw from NIVEL Primary Care Database at any time, and without stating reasons.

The privacy protocol (in Dutch) can be downloaded at


Steering committees with representatives from national associations of health care providers decide about the use of the data. The governance protocol (in Dutch) can be downloaded at

Questions about NIVEL Primary Care Database?

If you have any questions about NIVEL Primary Care Database, you can contact the help desk via, or + 31 (0)30 272 9814.

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verschillende typen onderzoek

Aard van het onderzoek

Observationeel onderzoek o.b.v routine zorgdata huisartsenpraktijken huisartsenposten,eerstelijnspsychologen,apothekenparamedici

Design van het onderzoek

Grootschalig observationeel onderzoek op basis van routine zorgdata (bij huisartsen: gegevens uit Huisarts informatiesystemen).


team van onderzoekers


L. Overbeek

Andere betrokkenen

Aan NIVEL Zorgregistraties werkt een multidisciplinair team van onderzoekers:

dr. RA Verheij (programmaleider), dr. L. Koppes (projectleider), dr. S. (Sjoukje) van der Bij, dr. G.A. (Gé) Donker, dr. K. (Karin) Hek, dr. ir. M. (Mariëtte) Hooiveld, drs. M. (Margit) Kooijman, dr. C.J. (Chantal) Leemrijse, dr. M.M.J. (Mark) Nielen, dr. M. (Marijn) Prins, drs. I. (Inge) Spronk, dr. I. (Irina) Stirbu- Wagner, ir. J. (Jacqueline) Tol, dr. J. (Jennie) Ursum, dr. M. (Marieke) Zwaanswijk

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