Op weg naar integrale zorg voor patiënten met longkanker.

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Op weg naar integrale zorg voor patiënten met longkanker.

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The impact of lung cancer: paving the way for the delivery of integrated care.


De impact van longkanker onderzoeken om zo coherente, pro-actieve en individuele zorg aan patiënten met longkanker te leven.

Uitgangsvraag PICO


Patiënten met longkanker


Universitair Medisch Centrum Groningen

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Lung cancer remains one of the most frequently diagnosed cancers worldwide. Physicians treating patients with lung cancer encounter several problems especially with respect to the poor outcome and late-stage diagnosis. Lung cancer impacts on all aspects of daily living and therefore the need for integrated care delivery, defined as a flexible, personal and multidisciplinary approach aimed at optimising a patient’s passage throughout the healthcare system, is vital for these patients. With the studies in this thesis I hope to improve our understanding of the impact of lung cancer and provide tools to support integrated care for patients with lung cancer.           

I will first explore the use of shared-decision making tools for patients with lung cancer by performing a systematic review. To improve the understanding of structural psychosocial support on patient-reported outcomes, we conducted a large RCT to investigate whether care and treatment guided by structural Detection of Need for Care (DNC) leads to a better quality of life than usual care in patients with lung cancer. By using quantitiative data obtained from the Distress Thermometer and Problem List (DT/PL) we will analyze the psychosocial problems of patients with lung cancer.  Additionally, a Delphi study on patients’ needs of lung cancer survivors using the International Classification of Functioning, Disability, and Health (ICF) will provide consensus.  Lastly, we will assess the investigate of case management. The results of my thesis will provide additional evidence to ultimately deliver care to lung cancer patients that is coherent, pro-active, and suited to patients' individual needs.

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Implementatie onderzoek. Kwalitatief onderzoek en een systematische review.


Dr. A.J. Berendsen


O.P. Geerse, Promovendus

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prof. Dr. M.Y. Berger - afdelingshoofd Huisartsgeneeskunde UMCG, M.E. Stegmann - promovendus afdeling Huisartsgeneeskunde UMCG

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