Patient-Centred Asthma Management Questionnaire (PCAMQ)

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Patient-Centred Asthma Management Questionnaire (PCAMQ)

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Patient-Centred Asthma Management Questionnaire (PCAMQ)


Development and validation of the Patient-Centred Asthma Management Questionnaire (PCAMQ)


Universitair Medisch Centrum Groningen

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Many patients view their asthma as a series of acute episodes, rather than a chronic disease, and patients tend to treat their condition episodically.

Patients appear to rely on their short acting bronchodilator for the management of their asthma because of the immediate effects, rather than the treatment of the underlying inflammation by inhaled corticosteroids.

The overarching objective of the Patient-Centred Asthma Management Questionnaire (PCAMQ) is to identify individual patient perceptions and practices in relation to asthma and its treatment (in particular overuse of reliever medication) and uncover the reasons behind this behaviour.

Aim of the PCAMQ

To create awareness in patients and health care providers for the reliever overuse  and ICS underuse and pave the way for more effective regimens to reduce the number of asthma patients with poor asthma control.

Development of the PCAMQ

The development according to FDA guidelines consists of item generation (including patient input), item reduction and validation.

This document describes the item generation in detail, and outlines the further steps to develop the PCAMQ according to FDA guidelines.

Item generation

Questions for the PCAMQ will be derived from experts, literature and qualitative research. This qualitative research will be performed in the Netherlands, UK, Germany, France, Italy and Canada in focus groups (36-48 patients in total) and interviews (about 48 patients) in all asthma age groups.


This 6-country, high quality qualitative development according to the FDA standards is planned to be completed 8 months after initiation.

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B.M.J. Flokstra- de Blok


Annika van Dijk

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  • J.W.H. Kocks, projectleider
  • T. van der Molen, full professor
  • A.E.M. van Dijk, student

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