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Treatment of Plantar Fasciitis in General Practice and Sports Medicine. STAP-study


Zijn op maat gemaakte podotherapeutische inlegzolen (kosten)effectief bij de behandeling van fasciitis plantaris. 


Erasmus MC

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Plantar fasciitis is a common cause of foot pain that typically affect middle aged or older people but is also frequently seen in athletes. Many intervention strategies are applied in patients with plantar fasciitis; biomechanical treatment (including footwear modification like orthotic insoles) being one of the most applied. However the effectiveness of orthotic insoles has never been supported by high quality randomized controlled trials.


To examine the effectiveness of  custom made orthotic insoles compared to sham insoles and usual care only in patients with plantar fasciitis in general practice and sports medicine practices.

Study design

The STAP study is a three-arm randomized controlled trial with a 26-week follow-up. Inclusion will be performed by general practitioners and sports physicians in the Netherlands.

Study population

Patients with complaints of fasciitis plantaris with a minimal duration of 2 weeks and aged between 18 and 65 are eligible for inclusion.


Patients allocated to the intervention group will receive a custom made insole from a participating podiatrist. The first control group will receive a sham insole from a podiatrist and participants allocated to the second control group will receive usual care only by their general practitioner or sports physician. All groups will receive education.

Main endpoints

Pain during rest and activity after 12 weeks.

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Randomized (controlled) trial


N Rasenberg


M. van Middelkoop

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M. van Middelkoop: projectleider, universitair docent

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Tweede geldstroom; via NWO, KNAW of ZonMw

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Nederlandse Vereniging van Podotherapeuten en verschillende huisartsen en sportartsen Soort samenwerking: De huisartsen en sportartsen zijn betrokken bij de inclusie van patienten. Verschillende podotherapeuten van de Nederlandse Vereniging van Podothera